CodeWordPlay – A four-letter word puzzle game for Playdate by Panic


A 4 Letter Word Game Exclusively for Playdate


Looking for the best games to sideload on your Playdate handheld console? Do you like word games with hours of gameplay spread across snack-sized puzzles?

CodeWordPlay is a four-letter word game exclusively for Playdate, a beautiful little handheld console with a crank created by the fine people at Panic. Except CodeWordPlay is a little more than that. Is it a little like Wordle? Yes. Is it also nothing like Wordle? Also yes. It doesn't have any of the dirty four letter words you're thinking of, but it might have best, word, game, play, date and other great four-letter words in it.

CodeWordPlay is just $4 on the store ($1 per letter, and I don't write for exposure). Trust me, it's worth the effort to sideload it onto your console; CodeWordPlay is a great complement to the Playdate's Season 1 games.

Not sure how to sideload games on your Playdate? Follow these instructions.


CodeWordPlay features:

CodeWordPlay was developed by Mike Suszek, former video games writer for Joystiq, former licensing manager for Out of the Park Baseball and Franchise Hockey Manager and independent games and crowdfunding consultant.

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